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Felix 3.1 Single Extruder 3D printer







details and specifications 

 Let your ideas become reality with the FELIX 3D printer! The FELIX is easy to operate, creates 3D prints in stunning quality and works with many types of filament. 
The FELIX 3.1 is available in Single (one hot-end) and in Dual (two hot-ends).

 Due to the use of professional components the FELIX 3.1 it is possible to print 3D objects with high accuracy, The FELIX is capable of printing in layer heights ranging 
from 50 to 250 micron. 

 The benefits of a professional machine for a competitive price: creating high quality 3D printing is fully accessible with the FELIX for both personal and professional 
creators. The FELIX 3 series truly is the best 3D printer in its segment.

Think big, build big 
The large print bed is perfect to print objects of an impressive size. The FELIX is capable of printing objects as small as a few millimeters up to the size of a 

Benefit from the latest technology
 Due to the fast development of 3D printers, todays technology can be old tomorrow. For that reason the FELIX is based on a modular design, making it possible to 
easily replace specific parts of the 3D printer. 

Official FELIXprinter upgrades are released regularly so you can always benefit from the latest technology.

Print with almost everything
 To offer creative minds the freedom to create amazing 3D objects, FELIXprinter is capable of working with many kinds of filament. A selection of filaments a 
FELIXprinter can work with: PLA, ABS, PETG, FLEX, Wood, Glass and PVA. (Water-soluble)

Large Build Area:                   W 240mm X D 205mm X H 225mm
Heated Bed:                          144W Heater capable of max 95degs fitted with Kapton sheet
Material Size:                        1.75mm
Nozzle Size:                          0.35mm
Nozzle Max Temperature:       275 dregs
Typical Print Accuracy:          +/- 0.1mm
Direct Feed system 
Included Software:                 Repetier-Host and Felix builder (one year license) download           
                                                   direct from FELIXprinters website.
Warranty:                              12 month limited warranty. (Wearable parts not included hot-
                                            ends, Kapton sheet)
Safety and compliance:         CE declaration of conformity

Available for order. Dispatch within 10 Days


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