Easton 3D is UK based and owned by Chris Easton who has 25 years experience as a Production Engineer in various industries from high vacuum to R & D motorsport, then in 2013 he became severely sight impaired but thanks to this and a hand from a friend in CGI he found 3D design and 3D printing a great new technology and since getting his first printer in August 14. he has tried to push our designs and printers as far as possible.

Now at the start of 2017 we are proud to be launching our own website. Using our many thousands of printing hours experience and still learning. we can offer a far wider range of 3D printing services, from a dedicated printing service through to being a UK reseller and local support centre for Felixprinters. We do not only sell these printers, we use these printers everyday and know them inside and out as one of the best desktop 3d printers on the market. The technical support we offer can help people new to 3D printing through to seasoned 3D printers to get top quality prints every time from their Felix 3D printers.