Vice Blocks & Machining Aids

Easton3D's Chris Easton has over 25 years experience of mechanical production engineering ranging from R & D Machinist through to Production Engineer, In a wide variety of industries including High Vacuum and Motorsport development.

 Drawing on this knowledge Easton3D can offer this new Fixtures Service.  Ideally suited to the "One Off" Prototype customers and also for use on small batch production runs. 

The Key benefits and cost savings this service can offers:

  • Ideal applications for 3D printed fixtures, component support blocks for vice work and location plates for light machining.
  • Reduce expensive down time while the setter produces the fixtures needed for the next job.
  • Reduce the need to buy in costly lumps of material, which in an ideal world would need to be softer than that of the components material - to prevent surface damage.
  • Improves component loading times with our 3D printed vice block, it can take away the need to reposition a hand full of different sized blocks, just in the right place each time.


  • Complex parts can be awkward to fixture for
  • Repeatability is slow with multiple support blocks needing to be repositioned for each and every component
  • Conventional fixtures use up expensive materials







  •  We create the design to suit your requirements

  • 3D printed with high density infill to give maximum rigidity

  • More surface area covered to reduce the chances of ringing






  • One piece construction for ease of use
  • Being made of plastic, reducing the chance of damaging the components surface
  • Cost effective alternative to the old way of doing things!!





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