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Professional quality


Easy to use. Watch the movie Leadtime approx. 2 weeks  Interchangeable full-metal hot-ends, highly accurate sensors, smoother print results, optimized filament feed and advanced filament detection. Find out more about the incredible features of the FELIX Pro 2 below!

Available for order. Dispatch within 10 Days

Next generation auto calibration
Save time, increased reliability
Enjoy the next level of usability in desktop 3D printing. The first layer of 3D printing is of extreme importance. The auto calibration feature creates the optimal starting conditions of your print, without user intervention.Learn more about technology 

Filament detection
Never a failed print
Reliability does not only come from a great printer, but also the filament quality is an important factor. In case things go wrong with the filament, the filament detection feature comes to the rescue. Saving you time and money.

32 bit processing power
Silent operation
Noise levels are kept at a minimum. At a noise level of just 34 dBA you can enjoy working without interruptions. Our new state of the art motion controller makes the FELIX Pro 2 the most silent desktop 3D printer in it's class.

Iconic Design
Designed for professional performance
The FELIX Pro Series design is inspiring. With the modular DNA and proven technology of our award winning FELIX 3 Series the machine is reliable and upgradable. Only the best possible components and materials are used to ensure optimal performance.

Advanced dual head system
Create the most complex objects
Continue where single head printing stops and enjoy maximum design freedom with our innovative dual head system. Start printing multi-material prints or with soluble support material.

Easy to use
Every beginner prints like a Pro
The innovations in the FELIX Pro 2, were made to make 3D printing as easy as possible. Unique features like a Quick Release heated bed and a Quick Release hot-end make it a joy to use your 3D printer. Furthermore you can print via USB, standalone with microSD card (included) or via WIFI (optional).

Open source filament
Just like with the FELIX 3 the FELIX Pro Series is able to work with almost any kind of filament. Having that in mind, it remains one of the most perfect suited 3D printers to test various types of materials. The dual head system of the Felix Pro 2 makes printing with different colors or materials possible. Also soluble materials are no problem for this 3D printer.

Powerful 3D print software at your fingertips
The FELIX Pro Series and Simplify3D® Software a powerful and recommended combination for a fast start-up and optimal 3D print quality. 

Another option is the FELIXbuilder 1 year license (created by Materialise). FELIXbuilder software powers your 3D printer. 

Whatever option you choose, each software works seamlessly with all our FELIXprinters for mac OS and MS Windows

Features and Specifications
Automatic calibration (Bed Levelling & Nozzle Heights)                        
Dual Extruders                                                                                     
Filament detection
Large Build Volume:         X = 237mm  Y = 244mm Z = 235mm
Heated Bed Max:              100degs
Direct Feed system 
Quick release hot-ends                                                                          
Quick release bed
Filament Size:                  1.75mm
Nozzle Size:                     0.35mm
Nozzle Max Temperature:  275 dregs
Typical Print Accuracy:      +/- 0.1mm
Included Software:            Repetier-Host and Felix builder (one year license) download           
                                       direct from FELIXprinters website.
Printer Control:                Via USB or print directly via SD card
Warranty:                         12 month limited warranty. (Wearable parts not included hot-
                                        ends, Kapton sheet, ect.)
Safety and compliance:     CE declaration of conformity
Extremely silent operation at just 34 dBA

Whats in the box:
FELIX Pro 2 3D printer
Power cord
Small tool kit
Quick Start Guide
Micro SD card Micro
SD card reader
USB cable
Start filament
FELIXbuilder 1 Year license


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