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The FELIX 0.5 mm nozzle is very useful when printing with special filaments or to improve print speed. The 0.5 mm nozzle for FELIX has a bigger extruder hole than the standard 0.35 mm nozzle, allowing more room for specific adjustments and a bigger flow of filament. The 0.5 mm nozzle is the perfect solution to improve print speeds with relatively little loss in detail.

The bigger extruder hole of the 0.5 mm nozzle has various advantages when printing with specific print settings or when printing with certain filaments. Especially for special filaments the 0.5 mm nozzle shows real advantage. Special filaments include: laywood, laybrick, BronzeFill, Flex, Wood or Stainless Steel PLA.

The 0.5 mm nozzle is made out of brass to ensure constant and reliable performances.

Software adjustments
In both Repetier Host and FELIXbuilder the diameter of the nozzle can easily be adjusted. In the instruction manual the steps of changing to a 0.5 mm nozzle are explained. 

Note: this standard mm nozzle works only with FELIX 1.0 to FELIX 3.1 series

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