Here at Easton3D we are the UK's Local Service Centre for Felix 3d printers. And we can offer the full upgrade service where we can offer a UK door to door service with a 4 day turn around.  

How it works:
1)  When you Purchase the Upgrade, we will contact you via email within 24hrs to arrange an upgrade date to collect your printer, normally within 5 working days for the door to door service, otherwise when arranged by you, Please if possible use original printer packaging to keep your machine safe

2)  On receiving your printer we will:
Check all is working properly
Install the upgrade including the any new firmware
Calibrate the nozzles and produce a test print
Service and clean your machine so it looks as good as new

3) Ship your machine back to you, so you can be back up and printing as soon as possible

Benefit from the latest improvements
Upgrade your FELIX Pro 1 to the FELIX Pro 2 and benefit from the latest technology improvements. The Pro 2 upgrade will make your FELIX Pro an even more reliable and accurate 3D printer. Due to the clever upgradable concept of FELIX 3D printers you can use your FELIX for a very long time benefiting from the latest technology. 

Why upgrade to FELIX Pro 2? 

Spot on, every single time
The auto calibration mechanism has been redesigned to achieve an extreme level of accuracy for better and more accurate first layer adhesion. The flexure mechanism is exchanged for a more robust magnetic solution, holding the hot-end firmly in place and also ensuring repetitive calibration performance.

Simplified hot-end design 
The FELIX Pro 2 went through a redesign to improve performance and increase the overall durability. The redesign has led to a simplified hot-end model which can be used for both left and right.  

Quicker sensor response
Several sensors within the Pro 2 have been upgraded to optical sensors. Within the Pro 2, the more sensitive optical sensors deliver a faster response and improved accuracy. 

Keep it cool 
A new Air duct is designed for the Pro 2, resulting in improved printing overhangs and increases print reliability.

Improved print quality
The redesign of several parts improved the performance of essential components. Due to a smoother flow of filament the print quality has noticeably improved. 

Optional Touchscreen with Cloud control Check HERE

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