3D Printed Zombie Ray gun large model



Our original 3D printed Zombie Ray gun based on the iconic Call of Duty game weapon, this model was designed for Activision in partnership with Myminifactory.com

This is a full Large Sized and working design of the popular Zombie Killing Weapon, (20 inches long) (11 inches high) This model is packed with working features. you can open the gun to access the power cell just like in the game, it has a working trigger which you can easy change the tension or just replace the rubber Band, through the side cover. The Ray Gun also has a working switch and Knob located on the side of the weapon. I have also made the sight pin laminated to give it more strength as it is quite a delicate piece, 

This product will come unassembled and unpainted when you buy it (main body is in 8 parts). If you would like it assembled for you for Free - Please email & let us know.  Unless you have a particular request, the colour of your print will be Red if you would prefer a different colour let us know. and it will be printed in Premium high quality PLA filament with some Premium ABS components. Delivery time will be between 1 and 4 weeks from the moment you order the object. This is dependent on your location and the length of time the object takes to print. Email me if you would like any further information or if you have any special requests.

We recommend acrylic paint, we now offer a painting service and sell the ray gun as a finished piece.  Please see other listings for the painted finished versions.  :)

If you have your own 3D printer you can download for FREE and print this model for yourself from either of the links below



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