3D Printed Zombie Ray gun mk2 painted




3D printed Zombie Ray gun mk2 based on the Call of Duty game weapon.

Due to popular demand for more Call of Duty weapons we have designed this new full sized highly detailed model of the Ray Gun Mark II from Black Ops 2 with working features.

Our full sized Ray Gun MkII measures in at 24" long and is made up of 63 individually 3D printed parts and takes over a 100hrs to print. a day to deburr & a few days to paint.

The Ray Gun Mk2's working features include a flip up front sight which you can fold down out the way when not in use, we have included a spring loaded trigger. You can also remove the Power Pack from the back of the gun by pressing the spring loaded clips.

This product will come assembled and painted when you buy it and will be printed mainly in Premium high quality PLA filament with some ABS components. Shipping time will be between 1 and 4 weeks from the moment you order the object. This is dependent on your location and the length of time the object takes to print. Email me if you would like any further information or if you have any special requests.



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